Has Performed Event

This guide describes the has performed event condition.
The has performed event condition includes any visitor which has fired an event one time or several times.
this condition defines an audience of visitors based on a track event. For more information check the track event guide.


The structure of this conditions is:
  • has performed event page
  • event
  • operators
  • x times


The operator defines how many times the event has been triggered by the visitor to be part of the audience.
You can select the following operators:
  • exactly
  • more than
  • at least
  • less than
  • at most
  • not

X times

How many times the user has triggered the event (or set of events). The value is a number.


Use additional conditions to delimiter the visitors:


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Create dynamic personalized content for visitors who download a whitepaper:

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Hide the newsletter sign up forms for visitors which have signup for the newsletter before: