has viewed page

This guide describes the has viewed page condition.

The has viewed page condition includes any visitor of a specific page (or set of pages), which has viewed a page(s) one time or several times.

this condition defines an audience of visitors based on a page visit. For more information check the page view guide.


The structure of this conditions is:

  • has viewed page

  • operator

  • x times

  • additional conditions


The operator defines the condition.

You can select following operators:

  • exactly

  • more than

  • at least

  • less than

  • at most

  • not

X times

How many times the user has visited the page (or set of pages). The value is a number.


Use additional conditions to delimiter the visitors:


Brand Campaign visitor

Create dynamic personalized content for visitors from a Google Ads brand keyword campaign:

Social media visitors

Create dynamic personalized content for visitors from Facebook: