has viewed page

Segment your visitors based on what pages they visit and where they have visited from.
The has viewed page rule targets visitors of a specific pages one or more times. You might use this rule to segment visitors who have browsed to:
  • a product or collection page you've featured within your ecommerce site
  • one of several blog posts concerned with a particular topic
  • your pricing or contact pages
Using this rule in to define an audience requires that your application sends page view data using the Ninetailed SDK .page() method. For more information check the page event guide.

Rule Structure

This rule consists of one of each of:

Frequency Condition

Matching Operator

Defines how the condition should relate to the frequency value. Available values include:
  • exactly
  • more than
  • at least
  • less than
  • at most
  • not

Frequency Value

How many times the user needs to trigger the page view condition to be segment. The value should be an integer greater than or equal to 1.

Page Value Condition

Defines the types of page views that segment a visitor into an audience. See the Page View Conditions guide for more information.


Brand Campaign visitor

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Social Media Visitors

Create dynamic personalized content for visitors from Facebook: