visited landing page

Segment your visitors based on the first page of their sessions.
The visited viewed page rule is similar to the has viewed page rule, but targets visitors whose session began on a specific page or from a specific destination. You might use this rule to segment visitors who have visited:
  • a particular page as the first page in their session
  • from a specific search engine
  • from a blog post presented on an affiliate marketing website
  • by clicking on your ad
Using this rule in to define an audience requires that your application sends page view data using the Ninetailed SDK .page() method. For more information check the page event guide.
Nintailed defines sessions in the same way that Google Analytics does; sessions end after 30 minutes of inactivity or if the visitor leaves and returns via a different campaign. See the Google Analytics documentation for more information.

Rule Structure

This rule consists of a page value condition.


Traffic From An Affiliate

Capture the interest of visitors who clicked on an affiliate link: