This section describes how to create personalization
Personalization is one of our core features. Within different headless CMSs, we have created the Experience Assistant to help personalize content before they are delivered by your preferred delivery SDK to the front end.
Within headless CMSs like Contentful, Hygraph, DatoCMS, etc., you can create tailored content for specific audiences based on different conditions.
You can check the audience builder for more information on conditions.
With our app installed on your CMS space, you can easily personalize any entry by creating variants. For more personalization inspiration, you can check our playbooks.

Contentful Personalization

To easily create personalization in your Contentful space, you need the Ninetailed Experience content type to create an experience for your content or via the baseline. Read here for more
You can create experiences for your content in two ways:
  • Starting as Baseline
  • Starting as an Experience
You can see Ninetailed experience for more information.

Create Personalization via Baseline

To start personalizing your entries, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Create New Entry

For any content type set up in the installation process, you can create a personalization or an experimentation experience, depending on your chosen experience.
To create an experience, click on the Content on the top navigation bar and click Add Entry:
Navigate Contentful
  • After choosing an entry, click on Create Experience to apply personalization experience from the drop-down list:
Create personalization
  • Click on Create personalization to create a personalization experience.
A new interface to create personalization for this entry is loaded like below:
Name your experimentation and Description
From the above image, you need to give a name to your personalization experience and a description which is optional.
Note that the current entry where you are creating this Ninetailed experience is the baseline for this personalization experience.
Click the Next Step button for the next tab.
In this step, you can define what kind of audience can see personalized content for this entry:
Create audience for experimentation
To add an audience, select the Create new audience to create an audience or select the Link existing audience to add an existing audience. Check this section for more information on how to build an audience.
Select an audience
When creating new audiences, define the signals for that audience. For example, visitors from a specific campaign with an utm_campaign.
Find more information about defining a new audience in the Audience Builder section.
Click on Next step button to activate the variant tab.

Step 3: Create or Select a Variant

New variants are created with the same entries as the baseline, so you can adapt the relevant content for the audience.
To create a variant or link an existing variant, click the drop-down button,Set variantand select the entry for which you want to create a variant.
Select variant
  • After creating your variant, make sure to publish your entries.

Step 4: Publish the Experience and the Entry

Publish the variant with the audience and the baseline entry. Depending on your publish workflow, the personalized content will be shown to a specific audience.

Create Personalization via Experience

To create personalization via the Ninetailed experience, follow the steps below

Step 1: Navigate Your Contentful App

In your Contentful space, navigate to Contenton your navigation bar, Click the drop-down button to choose a content type. See the image below :

Step 2: Choose Content Type

Choose the Ninetailed Experience content-type from the drop-down in the filter box under your navigation bar. See the image below:
Ninetailed Experience

Step 3: Add an Entry

Click on the Add Entry button to select an entry, and then select Ninetailed Experience. See the image below:
Add Entry
After the above steps, you can start creating your personalization experience. See the image below:
To create a personalization experience, select the Create personalization button. See the GIF below:
  • After clicking the Create personalization button, the experience assistant is loaded to help you create your personalization experience.
  • You need to create or link an audience that will view the experience. To add an audience, click the Select audience button to create or link an already existing entry.
  • You can define what percentage of your audience should not see an experience using the Holdout field.
  • Next, define your baseline or link content by clicking the Set baseline button to create a new baseline or link an existing entry.
  • To add a variant, click the Set variant to create a variant or link a new one.