has performed event

Tie your audiences to custom events tracked within your applications.
The has performed event condition targets visitors who have triggered a specific event one or more times. Your application may use events to quantify how often a user takes some discrete action, like:
  • clicking a button
  • adding an item to their cart
  • scrolling a specific section into view
  • spending a certain amount of time on a page
Using this rule to define and audience requires that your application sends event data using the Ninetailed SDK.track() method. You must know the exact case-sensitive name(s) of the event(s) that your track() calls set. For more information check the track event guide.

Rule Structure

This rule consists of one of each of:
  • an event name
  • a frequency condition, composed of:
    • a matching operator
    • a frequency value
  • (optionally) a where condition
  • (optionally) a where condition

Event Name

The name of the event. This must exactly match (case-sensitive) the event name called in your application.

Frequency Condition

Matching Operator

Defines how the condition should relate to the frequency value. Available values include:
  • exactly
  • more than
  • at least
  • less than
  • at most
  • not

Frequency Value

How many times the user needs to trigger the page view condition to be segment. The value should be an integer greater than or equal to 1.

Page Value Condition (Optional)

Because events also hold information about the page context in which they were called, you may optionally narrow down the event rule to consider events triggered only under certain page view criteria. See the Page View Conditions guide for more information.

When Condition (Optional)

Defines a time range during which the user must have performed the event to match the rule. See the Where Conditions guide for more information.


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