Experience API

The Experience API allows you to create and update Ninetailed profiles by providing a payload of one or more events. The API will then return updated versions of all profiles created or updated by those events.
The Experience API powers the track, event and identify methods used across our SDKs. You might also use the endpoints of this API to push data from your own existing customer data systems into Ninetailed profiles in real time, in periodic batches, or in bulk as part of a first-time migration.
Note that the payload you supply to these endpoints can be sent with the content-type header set as either application/json or text/plain. Our SDKs automatically send requests as text/plain and we recommend that you use text/plain whenever possible to minimize request roundtrip time by avoiding triggering a CORS preflight request.


Create Profile
Get Profile
Upsert Profile
Batch Upsert Profiles