Personalization through customer self-segmentation
You can improve the understanding of site visitors using their actions with every visit, and every interaction-what they see, how they browse, what they look for, all this adds tremendous value and an understanding of their intent.
Explicit personalization lets the user inform the website of his or her preferences. So, you may also take the opportunity to collect relevant information through surveys by asking for it.


Self-segmentation is, as its name implies, asking your customers to tell you which segment of the audience they suit best. When the visitor selects the segment, he will become a member of the audience.
To let customers express expectations, use visitor surveys and use those preferences to deliver personalized and relevant experiences.

When apply self-segmentation?

Self-segmentation allow for immediate on-site personalization without previous customer data. It works really well when you want to personalize based on:
  • Industry or vertical
  • Company size
  • Job title


Visitors surveys to enable self-segmentation based on personas.
Self-segmentation based on customer support inquires.
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