Preview Widget

This document is a complete description of how the preview widget is to be used by editors and integrated by developers.

What Is the Preview Widget

The Preview Widget allows you to quickly view personalized content from within your web page for multiple audiences.
This means you can preview personalized content for your frontend elements based on various traits before it goes live.

Preview Widget Features

  • Order View: Toggle between the visual representation or checkboxes for selecting the audience.
  • Reset Button: To initialize the preview experience.
  • Search Field: To quickly find audience traits or conditions if there is a long list of conditions.
  • Sort: To help sort traits of the audience by the last audience and from A - Z.
  • Apply Changes: This button triggers change to your app after selecting a specific audience.
  • Close Button: To dismiss the window.

How To Use

To start previewing content, use the following steps:
  • To call the Preview Widget to action, you need to click the Ninetailed button on the right part of your web page like below.
After clicking the Preview Widget button, a sidebar window is displayed
The Preview Widget window has a reset button that initializes any personalized component to the base content. This means that the personalized variations based on UTM parameters, location, first-time visitor, referral, etc. are all initialized to their base content.
To preview content, click on the audience, and the respective variants are displayed on your web page. Content changes based on every selected audience.

Color Variation

  • Furthermore, the indigo-colored dot indicates an initial active audience. This is usually after every build on the app.
  • The indigo-colored circle is active when an audience
active audience
Note: The Preview Widget works independently from your CMS preview feature.