This page is an overview of how experiences works with Ninetailed


Within different headless CMSs like Contentful, DatoCMS, and Hygraph, you can install the Ninetailed App to help create Ninetailed experience like personalization and experimentation.
When the Ninetailed App is installed, an experience assistant is installed to help you create personalized content and create experiments to determine the performance of your content.

Creating Ninetailed Experience

To create a personalization experience or experiment experience, you can use any of the two steps below:
  • Starting with an Experience
  • Starting with the Baseline

Starting With a Baseline

In your Ninetailed app, you can toggle on or off Ninetailed experience for various content types. When toggled on, the Ninetailed experience field is added to the content type, which makes it easy to create a personalization or experimentation experience from within the content type.

Starting With an Experience

Furthermore, you can create personalization or experimentation experience as entries from the Ninetailed Experience content type. These experiences can be created independently and can later be linked to other entries.