What is Ninetailed
This guide describes how Ninetailed api-first personalization platform works.
Ninetailed is an api-first optimization platform designed for the modern web. It is a headless personalization solution for frameworks like React or Gatsby JS and headless CMS like Contentful.
Ninetailed improves Static Site Generators (SGE), like Gatsby, with dynamic content personalization without performance trade-offs or complex integrations.


Ninetailed platform includes:
  • Real-time personalization API and customer data platform (CDP).
  • Plugins and SDKs for easy integration with major frameworks.
  • CMS integrations to enable content creators easily create personalized content and define audiences.
  • Optional edge side rendering for maximum web performance.
Ninetailed for Gatsby, Contentful and edge side rendering (ESR)

Live Demo

This demo is built with Gatbsy, Contentful and edge side rendering (ESR) to personalize the user experience with blazing fast performance and no flicker effect or render blocking like 3rd party scripts:
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