Introduction to Ninetailed

This guide describes how Ninetailed api-first personalization platform works.
Ninetailed is an API-first solution that creates real-time omnichannel personalization experiences to optimize the customer journey without performance trade-offs.
Utilizing the MACH architecture and modern stack approach, Ninetailed makes it easy for clients to create personalized experiences and build “perfect audiences.”
This is possible by leveraging multiple intent signals and unlimited traits, such as:
  • page behavior,
  • location,
  • campaign,
  • email behavior, and so on.
It’s even possible to integrate dynamic events from other APIs for firmographic, shopping, and any other type of data.


Thanks to its easy integration, you can integrate Ninetailed to your headless CMS in less than 10 minutes via SDKs and plugins for major frameworks (e.g., React, Next, or Gatsby).
Other features made possible with the Ninetailed integration:
  • API-First Personalization: Since the MACH approach enables composable architecture, and Ninetailed has a personalization API for major headless CMSs, you don’t need to use another tool. You can do all of your personalization activities within your headless CMS.
  • Composable Architecture: As you can see from the image below, Ninetailed is a composable personalization solution and can integrate with different tools like customer data platforms (CDP), customer relationship management tools (CRM), email marketing services, analytics tools, etc.
  • Unified Customer Profiles: Because Ninetailed integrates with data sources and destinations, it allows you to create a single source of truth — a unified customer profile — for your personalization activities.
  • Real-Time Personalization: Unified customer profiles enable real-time, omnichannel personalization for all of the customer touchpoints.
  • Privacy: Ninetailed has a privacy-first approach that integrates with data sources, and you can use your own data (zero-party and first-party data) for personalization.
Composable Personalization