At Ninetailed, we believe in a world in which everything you touch is curated just for you.

Ninetailed is your go-to solution for Experimentation and Personalization, allowing you to show the right content to the right user. You can manage it all within your current content workflow. All of our capabilities come without any performance trade-offs, enabling you to focus on what matters most. Learn more about why Ninetailed is the best solution.

We target innovative organizations that want to be at the forefront of technology. We target developers seeking to reduce complexity. And we target visionary content creators and marketers aiming to provide an exceptional user experience.

Getting Started for Creators

Ninetailed puts a focus on an easy and intuitive workflow for creators.

First, set up your Ninetailed account by adding a Content Source. That way, you can start creating personalized content directly from your Content Management System (CMS). Additionally, you can also add relevant customer data from your upstream data sources to personalize your content based on data you already have. During your setup process, you can also activate our analytical tools.

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Next, start segmenting your visitors into Audiences, creating Experiments and Personalizations for each Audience group, and enriching your content inline with Merge Tags. Before you click publish, make use of our intuitive Preview feature.

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Lastly, enjoy our suite of Insight tools to see how your A/B tests and Personalizations perform, as well as how you can improve them.

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Delivering personalized user experiences to your users requires front-end implementation by a developer. For more info, see our developers section or Quick Start Guide.

Getting Started for Developers

Ninetailed puts a focus on quick time to value for developers.


Our extensible Experience SDKs help you integrate into your Javascript-based frameworks. We support a range of functions, such as ESR, SSR, utilities, and plugins. On top of that, our Experience API enables you to use Ninetailed Experiences virtually anywhere.

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For developers looking to automate workflows, send data to or from customer profiles, or retrieve analytical reports, we also provide our Experience API, Management API, and Insights API.

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Next, let's dive into a detailed overview of why Ninetailed is the best solution for Experimentation and Personalization.

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