is located at

Identifying whether a visitor is located in a specific region.

Using this rule requires that your application calls one of Ninetailed's .page(), track() , or identify() methods at least once. For more information, see how to send events using our SDK or API.

The is located at rule targets visitors of the specified continent, country, city, zip code, or region.

Location Types

There are a number of different scopes you can choose from:

  • Continent

  • Country

  • City

  • Postal Code

  • Region

For the types Continent and Country, a dropdown helps select the right location. When the location type is City , Postal Code, or Region, you may choose from a variety of matching operators:

  • Note that an automatically generated dropdown list is generated when the location type is set to either Continent or Country.

  • When matching a City, spell the city with proper capitalization and spacing, e.g., San Francisco.

  • When matching a Postal Code, use the shortest representation of postal code when performing exact matches. In the United States, for example, postal codes will be 5 digits of format XXXXX instead of the 9-digit format of XXXXX-XXXX. If you are unsure of the postal code format, try checking within the browser or use the contains matcher instead of the equals matcher when appropriate.

  • When matching a Region, consider what this will resolve to based on the country of the visitor. For example, Region will be a state in the United States, while in Canada Region will be a province. Spell the region with proper capitalization and spacing, e.g.,New York.

Regions are formatted using the ISO3166-2 standard.

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