Contentstack App Upgrade (February 2024)

Easier setup, support for granular personalization control and Insights in our Contentstack app

We've made significant strides to eliminate silos and dependencies by having a more robust integration with Contentstack. Our aim is to give you the freedom and flexibility to operate at your maximum potential without any hindrances. The latest version of our Contentstack app comes with several under-the-hood upgrades, as well as support for the following features:

  • Modular block support: Modular blocks are a heavily used content type field within Contentstack. On top of supporting complete content entries, our Ninetailed app now also supports personalizing individual modular blocks.

  • Insights in Contentstack: Ninetailed Insights - the ability to see the performance and impact of your Experiences and Audiences across your conversion metrics - has become an integral part of Ninetailed. With this udpate, we now offer access to Insights directly within Contentstack entries.

  • Better installation support: We have made it much easier to connect Ninetailed to your stack and enable personalization for any content type.

For more info, please see our Contentstack setup instructions:

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