Linked Experiences

Use Experiences defined from a content source in any other connected content source.

Linked Experiences allow you to run the same Experience across multiple Content Sources. Each Experience is eligible to be a linked into any other Content Source that is connected to your Ninetailed environment. In turn, each Content Source has access to all Ninetailed Experiences that have been created in your Ninetailed environment.

Linked Experiences will always be in sync with the published configuration from its original. Only the original Experience is allowed to make changes to its configuration. However, each Content Source can add its individual components to that linked Experience. In doing so, you can personalize content from multiple sources in a single Experience and make sure that individual visitors will see only a single variant across all of your content.

Creating a Linked Experience

In order to link an Experience from an original, create a new Experience entry in your Content Source and click the “link existing experience” button in your configuration.

Since only the original Experience is allowed to make changes to the configuration, any configuration fields are disabled. However, you will still be able to view the current configuration as well as Experience Insights from both the original entry and any linked entries.

Resolving Conflicts

"This Experience already exists in that Ninetailed environment"

This error will resolve itself if only a single Content Source is connected to your Ninetailed environment. In most cases, you only require a single Content Source connection. If you need further assistance, feel free to get in touch with us.

Usually, this error message occurs when an Experience is cloned into another Content Source (such as another space, environment or CMS) and both of them are connected to the same Ninetailed environment. In this case, both Experience entries are attempting to "own" the configuration at Ninetailed. To make sure that the original Experience is not simply overwritten, Ninetailed only allows one entry to own the configuration of an Experience. Hence, the error.

Depending on your goal, there are multiple ways to resolve this situation:

  • If you want to use the same Experience across multiple Content Source connections - In this case, Linked Experiences are the solution. Delete the Experience where the error message occurs, then create a new "linked" Experience. That way, configurations are synchronized across your Content Sources. You can then add your components in the components tab.

  • If you want to have different configurations of that Experience in your Content Source connections - In this case you want to set up separate Experiences. The easiest way to do so is by duplicating the current Experience entry in the Content Source where the error message occurs. This will create an Experience with a new ID, resolving the conflict.

  • If you want to work on a development version of your Ninetailed setup and push these changes to production in the future - In this case we recommend to use separate "main" and "development" environments at Ninetailed. You can switch between these environments and connect different Content Sources in the Ninetailed Dashboard.

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