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Getting Started

An overview of all the tools to integrate Ninetailed.

Ninetailed offers a seamless and API-friendly developers platform that enables you to configure and deliver meaningful Experiences anywhere and however you want.

We provide APIs for any use case: Delivering Experiences and personalized content, managing your configurations, deriving performance analysis, and more. On top of that, we also provide SDKs for blazing-fast integration into your favorite tech stacks. Lastly, our extensive plugin system for our SDKs provides you with even more features, such as downstream data flows or previewing content.

Here is an overview of all our capabilities:

Experience API

The Experience API is the core of Ninetailed, providing and updating user profiles and Experiences blazingly fast. You can use the Experience API to integrate Experiments and Personalizations virtually anywhere.

Experience SDK

If you are using one of our supported frameworks, we highly recommend using our Experience SDK, which further enhances our Experience API with much quicker integration, automated API calls and an extensive plugin system.

Node.js SDK

Our Node.js SDK provides an easy way to update user profiles with customer data in an automated way. Though you can use the Experience API endpoints directly, you can use the Node.js SDK to more easily format and send events.

Next, let's dive into step-by-step instructions, best practices, and creative guidelines for effectively and quickly integrating Ninetailed into your frontend.

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