Insights Plugin

Track what entries and Ninetailed Experiences are being viewed to power Component Insights.

How It Works

The Insights plugin sends data to a Ninetailed Insights API endpoint via the Beacon API when an <Experience> component remains in the viewport for a specified amount of time. This view data powers Component Insights and Experience Insights.


The Insights Plugin requires that you are using major version 6.x or above of one of Ninetailed's SDKs. Ensure that all of your other @ninetailed dependencies are also using the same version.

Add the dependency:

npm install @ninetailed/experience.js-plugin-insights

Then, add the plugin to the Ninetailed instance:

import { NinetailedInsightsPlugin } from '@ninetailed/experience.js-plugin-insights'
  // ...
    new NinetailedInsightsPlugin()
  componentViewTrackingThreshold={2000} // (Optional prop) Number, default = 2000
  // ...

Timing Configuration

The Insights Plugin logs that a component has been seen only after the component has remained within the user's viewport for a specified amount of time (in milliseconds), determined by the value of the componentViewTrackingThreshold property on the Ninetailed instance (see code samples above). If the option is unspecified, the value defaults to 2000.

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