Changing components dedicated to specific Audiences.

Personalizations are a core component of Ninetailed's Experience suite, allowing you to deliver targeted content to specific audiences based on defined rules. Personalizations form the heart of your marketing campaigns, enabling you to create tailored experiences that resonate with your users, showing the right content to the right users.

Creating a Personalization

You can create a Personalization by creating a new entry of the type Ninetailed Experience in your Content Source and choosing "create personalization" in the config field. On top of the title (required) and the description (optional), you are now presented with a number of configuration options.


The holdout percentage determines the proportion of users who will be shown the baseline content instead of the personalized variant. This is essential for measuring the performance and effectiveness of your Personalization. By comparing the baseline and variant performance, you can evaluate the impact of your Personalization on user behavior and conversion rates.

On top of that, if you are unsure about your Personalization and don't want to distribute it to all your visitors just yet, you can use the holdout percentage to minimize risk.

In order to continuously measure the performance of your Personalizations with Experience Insights, we recommend keeping the holdout to a minimum of 1% to 10%, depending on your traffic.


The Audience defines the eligibility requirements for the Personalization. You can specify conditions, rules, and criteria that users must meet to be included in the targeted Audience for the Personalization. This ensures that the right content is shown to the right Audience, optimizing the impact of your marketing efforts.


Mapping components enable you to choose which entry should be exchanged with another one.

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