Seeing your Experiences and their behavior before publishing them.

Using the Preview Widget requires the use of Ninetailed's Preview Plugin in delivery. For more information, have a look at our "For Developers" section.

There is so much to take into account before products can go live. Most times, you want to be sure that the Experience you serve to your customers is authentic and performs on delivery as expected.

To be sure that Audiences receive the right content, the Ninetailed's Preview Widget gives you the power to preview content behavior based on Audiences and Experiences in your development environment before it is pushed to production. The Preview Widget allows you to quickly view personalized content from within your web page for multiple audiences.

Ninetailed's Preview Widget also works flawlessly with Contentful's and Contentstack's Live Preview features.

This feature is primarily meant for creators to preview configurations before it goes live. As such, we only recommend using it in development or staging environments.

Selecting Audiences

When you first open the Preview Widget, you are presented with all your available Audiences. Depending on your configurations, your profile, and your location, you might already qualify for some of your Audience segmentations, which are displayed via a green indicator.

If you now want to force a specific view as a user, override each Audience state by toggling the switch:


The "default" state deletes any overrides and naturally selects the Audience that the current user profile qualifies for. This state is particularly useful if page views or certain events on your site trigger the eligibility for an Audience, in which case an Audience would be naturally turned on. The green indicator shows whether the Audience is turned on or off.


The "on" state forces an Audience to be turned on, even if the current user profile would not be eligible for it. Turning on an Audience enables you to also select variants.


The "off" state forces an Audience to be turned off, even if the current user profile would be eligible for it.

Selecting Variants

If an Audience is turned on (either naturally or by forcing the on state), you are able to select what variant shall be displayed. Selecting a variant works similarly for both Experiments and Personalizations.

For Personalizations, the "baseline" shows, what users would see when they are chosen for the holdout group. The percentage indicates the natural distribution that you have set in the Experience configuration.

For Experiments, the "baseline" shows the control group. Similar to Personalizations, the percentage indicates the natural variant distribution of your Experiment.

Resetting Your Profile

While you are testing your site, you might trigger certain events and page views, which enrich your user profile. Depending on your configuration, you might trigger certain Audiences with your newly added traits and events. Just like you would expect with a normal user, your user profile is persistent across sessions. Therefore, if you would like to start fresh and see what Audiences you qualify for naturally from the beginning, simply click the "Reset Profile" button at the bottom.

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