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Getting Started

An overview of all required and optional steps to make use of the full suite of Ninetailed.

In this section, we will guide you through the setup process, which is simple and accessible to both creators and developers. Our primary goal is to ensure a fast time to value, enabling you to leverage the full potential of Ninetailed in minutes, not weeks.

To get started with Ninetailed, we recommend completing the following setup categories:

  1. Content Sources (Required): Connect Ninetailed with your Content Management System (CMS) to start mapping experiences and content within the platform you already use. By integrating your CMS, you can easily personalize and experiment with various elements, such as banners, headlines or tables. If you want to personalize content outside of a CMS, please refer to our Management API.

  2. Customer Data (Optional): Harness the power of upstream and downstream data flows to drive personalized experiences. By integrating relevant customer data, such as user traits, preferences, and historical behavior, you can create highly targeted and tailored Experiences. This step enables you to leverage the rich insights from your data to personalize content with Audiences and Merge Tags.

  3. Insights (Optional): Gain valuable insights into user behavior and measure the performance of your Experiences. Ninetailed provides robust analytical capabilities, allowing you to track key metrics, Experiment and Personalization results, and user engagement. By closely monitoring these insights, you can explore what content to create and optimize your personalization strategies for better outcomes.

  4. Delivery (Required): Integrate Ninetailed into your frontend with our APIs and SDKs. Our flexible integration options enable you to incorporate Ninetailed's capabilities into your existing infrastructure in record time.

Next, let's dive deeper into each setup category, detailing the specific steps and considerations necessary to configure Ninetailed successfully for your needs.

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