Rule Types

Use powerful and composable criteria to segment your visitors.

In Ninetailed's Rule Builder, you have access to a variety of rule types that allow you to define specific criteria for your Audience. These rule types provide flexibility in targeting and personalizing your campaigns.

You can find several rule types that you can readily access and configure without additional setup. These rule types offer a range of options to define conditions based on user location or session data. On top of that, Ninetailed also allows you to send events or attributes (i.e. traits) via the Ninetailed SDK.

In the following pages of this documentation, we will guide you through each rule type, explaining their functionalities, available configuration options, and practical use cases. By understanding the capabilities of each rule type, you will be able to design sophisticated audience segments that align with your marketing objectives and engage your users effectively. Let's explore the various rule types offered by Ninetailed's Rule Builder and unlock the full potential of personalized audience targeting.

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