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An overview of the overarching Javascript SDK.
Ninetailed SDKs provide abstracted means to communicate with the Ninetailed Experience API and the browser. It shortens integration times into JavaScript codebases. The SDKs abs:
  • creating page, track, & identify events and sending them to the Experience API
  • errors, retries and queuing
  • caching the profile client-side via localStorage

JavaScript-Based SDKs

Ninetailed publishes a JavaScript SDK, @ninetailed/experience.js, on top of which all other Ninetailed JavaScript-based SDKs are built.
For declarative front-end implementations, Ninetailed provides SDKs for React, Next.js, and Gatsby. Additionally, Ninetailed provides a Node.js SDK for interacting with the Experience API in server or edge runtimes.
We strongly recommend using the SDK available for your framework if one is available for the fastest, most declarative implemenation.If you are using a JavaScript framework for which no Ninetailed SDK exists (e.g., Vue/Nuxt or Svelte), you can use the JavaScript SDK to implement Ninetailed.
Is your frontend is not JavaScript-based? Have a look at our Experience API for complete freedom of integration. For more information, contact us.