Component Insights

Evaluate what content entries your Ninetailed Audiences are seeing from within your content management system.

Determining what content to experiment with or personalize starts with understanding your visitors. Component Insights tabulates what content entries Ninetailed Audience members have seen. You can use this information to identify the highest impact content entries for personalized and/or experimental content.

Component Insights can be accessed in any Ninetailed Audience entry directly in your connected Content Source by selecting the Insights tab.

Component Insights requires the use of the Experience SDK and the Insights Plugin (or alternatively our Experience API combined with Insight ingest).

Currently, only Contentful content sources support Component Insights.

Data and Options

Besides the name and content type of your entries within your content source, Component Insights also displays:

  • Profiles or Sessions: The number of active profiles or sessions (depending on the scope) that have seen this component (for at least a given amount of time, see Insights Plugin) in the given timeframe. The percentage compares this amount to the total active amount of profiles or sessions that are in this Audience (see Audience Insights).

  • Impressions: The number of times a component was viewed (for at least a given amount of time).

Period and Scope

The period and scope dropdowns that filter the data shown in Audience Insights graph also filter the data shown in the Component Insights table.

Data availability

Data for Component Insights is processed in near real-time in hourly intervals.

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