Core Concepts

Ninetailed's main building blocks for experimentation and personalization.

To effectively use Ninetailed, it's essential to understand its core concepts. These concepts form the foundation of our software and guide you in creating and managing personalized experiences. Familiarize yourself with the following core concepts.

Content Sources

Persisting composable architecture, Ninetailed does not store any content as we believe that other tools, such as your Content Management System (CMS), are already doing that well. This is why we directly integrate with your Content Sources, enabling you to easily manage what content should be served to which users. Ninetailed supports major CMS platforms such as Contentful or Contentstack.

Learn more about how to set up your Content Sources.


Audiences allow you to segment your users based on specific attributes, events, behaviors, or preferences.

Ninetailed simplifies the process of creating and managing audiences, empowering you to define audience criteria, such as demographics, browsing behavior, or past interactions. By clustering users into audiences, you can tailor experiences to match their unique needs and increase engagement.

Learn more about how to create Audiences.


Experiences are a way to tailor the content that is served to your users. You can run multiple Experiences on your content simultaneously and, depending on your chosen eligibility requirements and priority order, include each user in one or several Experiences. Ninetailed offers two distinct types of Experiences. While they are very similar in the way they operate, each one serves a different purpose.

Learn more about how to create Experiences.


Experiments enable you to test content variations or design variations to determine what resonates best with your audiences.

With Ninetailed's Experiment feature, you can easily set up and manage A/B tests, test on multiple components simultaneously, or run even more sophisticated experimentation strategies. By comparing the performance of different variations, you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your experiences for maximum business impact.

Learn more about how to create Experiments.


Personalizations take the concept of targeted content to the next level by dynamically tailoring the user experience based on individual preferences or characteristics.

Ninetailed's Personalization feature allows you to create tailored experiences by defining rules and conditions that trigger specific content variations for different audience segments. You can enhance user engagement and drive conversions by delivering personalized content.

Learn more about how to create Personalizations.

Merge Tags

Merge Tags are placeholders that dynamically insert user-specific or context-specific information into your content. They allow you to create highly personalized messages by incorporating variables such as a user's name, location, or past behavior.

With Ninetailed's Merge Tags, you can personalize your content to make it more relevant and engaging, fostering a deeper connection with your users.

Learn more about how to create Merge Tags.

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