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Audience Insights

Evaluate how your visitors are distributed among your Ninetailed Audiences from within your content management system.
Audience Insights
Determining what content to experiment with or personalize starts with understanding your visitors. Audience Insights visualizes the number of profiles and sessions your Ninetailed Audience had over time. You can use this information to identify the user segments with the highest impact for personalized and/or experimental content.
Audience Insights can be accessed in any Ninetailed Audience entry directly in your connected Content Source by selecting the Insights tab.
Audience Insights requires the use of our Experience SDK or Experience API.
Currently, only Contentful content sources support Audience Insights. More content sources will support Audience Insights in the future.

Data and Options

The main number and graph display the total number of profiles (i.e. users) or sessions (depending on the selected scope) within the given timeframe. On top of that the percentage indicates the percentage of profiles or sessions that are in the given Audience, compared to all profiles or sessions that have visited your content.
Main metrics of Audience Insights
Use the period and scope options to change time period (X-axis) and count data (Y-axis) displayed in the graph.


Select the time period for which to display Audience Insights.


Select whether to display the count and history of Profiles or Sessions.
  • Profiles will display the number of unique profiles that entered the Audience
  • Sessions will display the number of periods of interaction with no more than 30 minutes of inactivity (the same specification used by Google Analytics) conducted by users belonging to the Audience.

Data availability

Data for Audience Insights is processed in near real-time. Due to caching in the background, there might be a maximum of a daily of a few minutes.