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has performed event

Identifying whether a visitor has performed a specific event.
Using this rule requires that your application sends event data using the Ninetailed's.track() call. You must know the exact case-sensitive name(s) of the event(s) that your track() calls set. For more information, see how to send events using our SDK or API.
The has performed event condition targets visitors who have triggered a specific event one or more times. Your application may use events to quantify how often a user takes some discrete action, like:
  • clicking a button
  • adding an item to their cart
  • scrolling a specific section into view
  • spending a certain amount of time on a page
Example Ninetailed Audience using 'has performed event' rule
"has performed event" in the Audience Builder
This type allows for where and when conditions.
The event value must exactly match (case-sensitive) the event name called in your application.


Whitepaper Download

Create dynamic personalized content for visitors who download a whitepaper:
Example Ninetailed Audience targeting visitors who have downloaded an asset

New Newsletter Signups

Thank visitors who have recently signed up for your newsletter by offering a promo code:
Example Ninetailed Audience targeting visitors who have recently subscribed to a newsletter