Insights helps you understand the reach and performance of your content and experiences.

Measuring the performance of your personalized experiences is essential to understanding their impact and identifying areas for improvement. At Ninetailed, we provide robust tools and analytical capabilities to help you explore and analyze the performance of your Experiences effectively. By leveraging these insights, you can make data-driven decisions and optimize your user experience to drive the most value for your users.

Ninetailed Insights

Ninetailed Insights is a product suite tailored specifically to analysing your content performance. For more information about what it entails, have a look at our Explore & Analyze section.

In order to set up Insights, you need to send corresponding events to Ninetailed, as well as set up conversion metrics. Please follow the steps in the following two pages to correctly set up Insights.

To set up our Insights tools, please follow these two steps:

Insights TrackingSetting Up Metrics

Custom Insights

On top of our own tools, we also offer to send events such as "user has seen experience" downstream to Google Analytics 4 or any other tool using the Google Tag Manager plugin of our SDKs. This enables you to perform your own analysis of Experiences. You are also free to use both your custom tools as well as our own Ninetailed Insights suite.

To set up downstream data flows, explore the following pages:

Custom Event DestinationsSegment Plugin

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