Why Ninetailed

At Ninetailed, we enable anyone to effortlessly deliver a tailored user experience anywhere.

With Ninetailed, you can enjoy an easy setup process that ensures a fast time-to-value for creators and developers alike. We continuously improve our software with new features, staying at the forefront of industry trends to provide cutting-edge personalization capabilities. Explore how Ninetailed can revolutionize your user experience strategy and deliver exceptional results.

Why Experimentation and Personalization Are the Future

Ninetailed enables business growth and higher conversion rates. With Ninetailed, you can easily experiment with your content. On top of that, you can show the right content to the right person at the right time with dynamic website personalization for every visitor.

By doing so, you can generate more revenue from the same traffic and maximize your marketing spend. With all of Ninetailed's capabilities, you have everything you need to increase conversions and optimize the customer experience for every marketing strategy:

Personalization for demand generation

Personalization for higher conversion rates

Personalization for ABM and paid traffic

Why Ninetailed Is the Best Solution

Unparalleled Performance

Ninetailed delivers experiences on edge, which means Ninetailed delivers at a speed that doesn’t affect your lighthouse score. You can create personalized experiences, experiments, and A/B tests without sacrificing your website performance.

Freedom to Execute and Seamless Workflow

Ninetailed integrates with your Content Sources, providing you with a no-code workflow within your Content Management System (CMS). You can create your Audience segments, personalized campaigns, and A/B tests without leaving your CMS dashboard. With Ninetailed, there is

  • no need to learn a new tool

  • no need to switch to another tab

  • no need to create a new content workflow

  • no need to create new data or organizational silos

  • no need to learn complicated analytics tools to measure performance

  • no need to depend on developers when creating Experiences

Painless Integration and Seamless Connectivity with Your Tech Stack

Ninetailed is a composable Personalization and Experimentation solution that is built on MACH principles, enabling you to integrate with your existing tech stack:

  • connect your Content Source (e.g., Contentful or Contentstack) via Ninetailed’s apps to keep your current workflow

  • connect your data sources upstream and downstream to enrich user profiles and analyze your results

  • integrate Ninetailed into your tech stack in minutes — not weeks, with Ninetailed's SDKs and APIs

Freedom to Change

The MACH architecture is a software architecture that is composed of independent components, meaning it is built from smaller components that can be combined to form a complete system.

Technologies built on MACH principles, such as Ninetailed, are designed to be scalable. One of the benefits of this design is that it can easily be adapted to meet the changing needs of an organization and is, therefore, highly future-proof.

Ninetailed is designed to be flexible, meaning that it can be easily modified with the best solutions to fit an organization's specific requirements. This flexibility makes our solution ideal for organizations that need to respond to changes in their business environment.

Easy Understanding of Impact

Ninetailed's analytical capabilities enable you to easily understand the impact of personalization and experimentation on conversion uplift and business growth. With Experience Insights, anyone can understand the impact of your Experiences, no matter if you are a growth marketer, content editor, data analyst, or product manager.

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