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has viewed page

Identifying whether a visitor has seen a specific page.
Using this rule requires that your application sends page view data using the Ninetailed .page() call. For more information, see how to send events using our SDK or API.
The has viewed page rule targets visitors that have seen a specific page one or more times. You might use this rule to segment visitors who have browsed to:
  • a product or collection page you've featured within your e-commerce site
  • one of several blog posts concerned with a particular topic
  • your pricing or contact pages
Example Ninetailed Audience using 'has viewed page' rule
"has viewed page" in the Audience Builder
This type requires at least one where condition and allows for a when condition.


Brand Campaign visitor

Create dynamic personalized content for visitors from a Google Ads brand keyword campaign:
Example Ninetailed Audience targeting campaign participants

Social Media Visitors

Create dynamic personalized content for visitors from Facebook:
Example Ninetailed Audience targeting visitors from Facebook