Personalized Content
This guide describes the steps you need to follow to create personalized content for your audiences.


Within Contentful you can create relevant content for specific audiences. These entries are variants of the original entry (or baseline).
Check our playbooks, e.g. Self-Segmentation, to get started and inspired about personalization.

How to create a variant

To create a variant in Contentful:
For any content type which was set up in the install process you can create or link a variant.
Go to the Variants field and click on Create variant of... or Link existing entries.
After linking a variant publish the entry.

Step 2: Adapt the content

New variants are created with the same content as the baseline, so you can adapt the relevant content for the audience.
Variants need to be linked to a specific audience. When you have updated the content of the variant entry create or link an audience.
When creating new audiences define the signals for that audience. For example visitors from a specific campaign with an utm_campaign.
Find more information about how to define a new audience in the Audience Builder section.

Step 4: Publish the variant and the entry

Publish the variant with the audience and the baseline entry. Depending on your publish workflow the personalized content will be shown to the specific audience.