This guide describes the steps you need to follow to install our DatoCMS plugin into your environments.

Step 1: Connect Ninetailed to DatoCMS

Connect Ninetailed to DatoCMS from your Ninetailed account.
1. Go to Connections on your Ninetailed account, then click New Connection (if it's your first connection, click Setup Your First Connection).
Setup Your Connection
2. Select DatoCMS from the list to install Ninetailed.
CMS Selection

Step 2: Authenticate Ninetailed with DatoCMS

In this step, you will authenticate and authorize Ninetailed to use your DatoCMS environments.
  1. 1.
    After you select the DatoCMS from the connections list, you need to authenticate Ninetailed.
Authenticate Ninetailed
2. Log in to your DatoCMS account to authenticate Ninetailed.
Log In to DatoCMS
3. Authorize Ninetailed to access your existing projects on your DatoCMS account.
Authorize Ninetailed

Step 3: Confirm the Connection

In this step, choose your DatoCMS environments to connect with your Ninetailed account.
Connect Ninetailed

Step 4: Configure the Connection

In this step, you will configure your connection by assigning a name and an optional description. After that, Ninetailed will install and perform all needed configurations in your project.
To start the configuration, click Create Content Source.
Configure the Connection

Step 5: Set Up the Content Types

In this step, you need to select the content types you want to set up for dynamic content personalization.
After you choose the content types, click Personalize Content Types to start personalizing your content within the DatoCMS.
You can later change personalized content types.
Choose the Content Types