About the Legacy Model

Ninetailed Legacy Personalization.

This documentation is for users of the Contentful Ninetailed legacy content model and Hygraph users, for which personalizations but not experiments are supported. If you are using the latest Contentful or Contentstack Ninetailed content model, refer to our Experiences documentation instead.

Creating a Personalization

To create a personalized variant within the legacy model:

  • Navigate to a content entry of a type for which you have enabled personalizations

  • Go to the Variants field and click on Create variant of... or Link existing entries

  • Variants need to be linked to a specific audience. When you have updated the content of the variant entry, create or link an audience entry

  • Publish the baseline content, variant, and audience entries

Multiple Variants

It is often the case that a visitor is in different audiences at the same time. Ninetailed only selects one variant per baseline entry to show to a visitor at a time.

The order of variants attached to a content entry determines how your variants are prioritized; variants that you place at the top of the list are considered higher priority, meaning they override variants placed lower in the list. We recommend, therefore, that you order experiences from top to bottom in order of most specific audience to least specific audience.

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