is on device

The is on device type rule targets visitors using either desktop, tablet, or mobile devices. The type of device is assessed by parsing the User-Agent header of the visitor's request and comparing to a list of known User-Agent strings.
Using this rule to define an audience requires that your application calls one of the Ninetailed SDK's .page(), track() , or identify() methods at least once. For more information check the events guide.

Rule Structure

This rule consists of one of each of:
  • a matching operator
  • a device type

Matching Operator

The matching operator can be one of:
  • Equals
  • Does not equal

Device Type

Select the device type to match against from:
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Unknown


Streamlined Designs for Non-Desktop Users

Experiment with larger buttons and less text in calls-to-action presented on smaller devices: