Organizations with active subscriptions to Albacross can use their Albacross API key to automatically enhance visitor profiles with additional organizational data when Ninetailed events are performed.
This is a "bring your own" API key integration; Ninetailed does not provide Albacross subscriptions.


Ensure your application is using at least version 3.5.0 of all npm packages using the @ninetailed scope (Ninetailed SDKs, Ninetailed Plugins, and Ninetailed Utility Libraries).
Next, input your Albacross API key in your Ninetailed dashboard. To do so, choose the Customer Data sidebar entry, then Albacross, and finally input your Albacross API key into the input field.


When active, the Albacross integration will lookup the IPv4 address of any event sent to Ninetailed's Experience API event using the Albacross Reveal API. If the Reveal API determines the IP address of the visitor belongs to an organization, additional traits about that organization will be added to the visitor's profile. These traits can then power experiences by acting as rules, or as the value of merge tags.
No new traits are added to a profile if no IP match is found.

Available Traits

The following traits are added within the traits.albacross object when an IP address match is found. These values are also detailed in the Albacross Reveal API documentation.
string: The city of the company, all lowercase
string: The state or region of the company, all lowercase
string: The two letter country code of the organization, e.g. US
string: A meta description of the organization, typically a sentence long
number: A lower bound of the number of employees of the organization
number: An upper bound of the number of employees of the organization
number: A lower bound of the number of employees of the organization
number: An upper bound of the annual revenue of the organization
string: The currency in which financial_report.from and are reported
number: The year the company was founded
string: The LinkedIn industry code to which the company belongs
string: The associated human-readable name of the LinkedIn industry to which the company belongs
string: The url of the company's page on LinkedIn
string: The name of the company
string: The canonical URL of the company's website


You can access nested trait value by using dot . notation. When targeting Albacross trait values for audience rules or merge tags be sure to prefix the trait name from the table above with albacross (for the has trait rule) or traits.albacross (when targeting a value for merge tags).

Example: Enterprise Audience

Example: Company Industry Merge Tag